Pre Tour ITINERARY: July 27th to July 30th, 2017  

Day 1, July 27th (Pre Tour) - Arrival in Prague

Guests arrive at Václav Havel Airport Prague and will be greeted by Sovereign Guardian Angels who will provide welcome amenities as you wait to be loaded into private luxury sedans that will deliver you to our Prague hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel, guests are pre-keyed into their appointed rooms and will be given the Day 1 European Tour newsletter that will identify the day's events at the Sovereign guest reception desk. We will then enjoy a full dinner and first night's lecture with your Ligonier Teaching Fellows.

HOTEL:   Luxury Accommodations

Day 2, July 28th (Pre Tour) - Prague

Our morning walk begins at Bethlehem Chapel where Jan Hus, an important precursor to Martin Luther and Jan Calvin, preached before being excommunicated and burned at the stake in Constance.

Here we'll explore anti-papal sentiment in Prague and greater Bohemia in the 15th and 16th centuries. We'll also consider the arrival of the Habsburg dynasty in Prague during this period and how their patronage of the Jesuits—who converted Bethlehem Chapel into apartments, impacted the city, leading to the Bohemian Revolt and 30 Years War.

We will continue through the Old Town Square, where the leaders of the Revolt were executed in 1621. Ominous crosses in the pavement mark the event.

We'll look more deeply at the Jesuit movement and the Papal Counter-reformation, exploring a wide range of issues, from the Jewish reaction to this conflict, to pogroms and how Catholic leaders like the Habsburg Rudolf II, moved his court from Vienna to Prague.

HOTEL:   Luxury Accommodations



Day 3, July 29th (Pre Tour) - Prague

After a full breakfast, we'll head to St. Nicholas Cathedral, a fantastic example of Baroque architecture built to embody the Counter-Reformation.

Here we will dig deeper into the ideological war between Protestants and Catholics as it simmered into the 17th century. We hope to come away with a deeper sense of the conflict and struggle that makes this one of the most fascinating time periods in Prague's history.

We'll focus on the figure of Charles IV (1346 - 1378), the 14th century Holy Roman Emperor who centered his empire in Prague and re-made it as a Paris-style cultural capital. We start at Prague Castle, which overlooks the river and the rest of the city. Although predating Charles, much of this structure was reworked by him, including St. Vitus Chapel, a masterwork of Gothic architecture.

Prague was home to a Lollard congregation. The Lollards were followers of John Wycliffe, another pre- Reformation Reformer alongside of Hus. Paul Crawer, a member of the Lollard church, studied medicine at Prague, then went to Scotland as a medical missionary. He was burned at the stake at St. Andrew's in 1433. Lectures by the Ligonier Ministries Teaching Fellows will remind us of the labors and sacrifices of these faithful servants of the past.

HOTEL:   Luxury Accommodations



Day 4, July 30th (Pre Tour) - Departure from Prague


After enjoying a continental breakfast, Sovereign's Guardian Angels will assist you to your private chauffeured cars to depart to Václav Havel Airport Prague.



Please Note: Schedule of tour events is subject to modification without notice.


Rate based on double occupancy: $2,593.00 per person


The rate for your tour includes conference fees, taxes and gratuities, luxury accommodations, luxury coaches, dynamic conference times with our speakers, and concierge service from Sovereign's Guardian Angels throughout your entire journey.

Fees NOT Included: Airfare, excess baggage rates, meals not included in the itinerary, all items of a personal nature such as laundry, cleaning, telephone, telex or fax expenses, beverages including tea and coffee (except at breakfast), wines, liquors or soft drinks. A local tipping guideline will be provided with the customer documents for any service purchased by guests on their own.

*Single accommodations are subject to availability.

To fully participate in this tour, you must be able to walk long distances, have good balance capabilities and be able to walk on uneven terrain. There will also be some climbing involved as well as long periods of standing. Due to the historical nature of some of our destinations, not all facilities will be ADA compliant.